Thursday, February 12, 2009

No, really, I hurt myself today

The mark has all but disappeared, but this morning I was pretty sure my thumb was going to fall off.

I had slipped a few days ago and was saved from a nasty fall by my T-shirt, the back of which hooked on to my wheelchair joystick and kept me from falling to the ground.

This salvation was not without a little snag. My big bulk bent the controller down into an unreachable spot. I had to bend it back by hand, which further weakens the metal part holding it to the chair. This is how the first controller broke.

In the bathroom today, I decided the controller was still a little low and decided to bend it back up a little more.

I put my left thumb right next to the metal piece holding it to the chair and bent it back with my right hand. Too much.

My thumb was trapped; it almost immediately started to throb and hurt. I thought I might throw up (sorry, E). I had this image of firefighters using like a mini Jaws of Life on me and my chair. I'd be OK but the chair would be ruined.

I tried to bend it back down to free my thumb, but I did not want to bend it too much. As a result, I had trouble bending it at all. All the time, I could almost feel the molecules of my thumb bone being ground to dust.

Finally, I bent it enough to get my thumb out. It had these two big black marks.

And now they're gone, too. I have no proof of my injury, no scar, no thing. It might as well have not happened.

Stupid chair, if you're going to hurt me, leave a mark so I can get pity.

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