Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thanks a lot, bossman

Imagine having to take things in and out of a backpack while you are wearing it.

That is what having to use a wheelchair bag is like. I hate it. People, even strangers on an elevator, zip it closed or close it more than I like, sometimes without even asking.

It is even worse on high-backed chairs like my power chair. I can't see the bag or pull it around enough to get things in it. I grab things out and put things in by feel. More often than not, though, I miss the bag and have to get Claren to pick up what I dropped.

Today, I was sure it would be different. I was packing my scarf, hat and gloves into my bag as I was leaving work. I knew they weren't in yet, but then one of the big bosses walked by and said:Let me help you and then: There you go.

I thanked him and headed on, but I felt my chair roll over something. I looked down and it was my scarf and a glove. I backed up so Claren could get them and I saw my other glove on the floor.


Anonymous said...

That is kind of nuts. what exactly did he do then? just drop them on the floor? put something else in your backpack? perhaps you should check for contraband.
all in all very odd

Anonymous said...

i thought this was going to be a post about Springsteen tickets.

Matt said...

That would be so cool if he like dropped a magic key into my bag.

I didn't want to discuss the tickets until they came in the mail because between my poor hearing and the guy's accent I could not be sure what I was going to get. But they came today!! Now I need a plane ticket to Boston. YEAH!

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