Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who am I?

Finding a wheelchair-using hero is a a even tougher than finding a non-redhead superheroine.

There is Prof. X, who is quite cool, but he is bald and can read minds. That is so not me.

Beneath my cynical shell beats a naïve little dude. An example: My second day in North Carolina for my first real job, this guy comes up to me in the store while I was buying batteries and says: Hey, I saw you moving in today.

I remember thinking that I moved in yesterday but instead I say hi. He then asks me to help him as his car has a flat and says he'll pay me back as we are neighbors. I reply: Sure, it's a good thing you caught me now because I just went to the bank.

I drive him to a gas station where he buys with my $40 cigarettes and a tire "they are holding for him."

Then he asks me to take him to the home of a guy who will switch the tires. He then asks for my last $10 to pay the friend putting on the tire and a ride to another house.

In my defense, by this time I knew I was being scammed but was not sure how to end it. But he did not want anything else so I left.

There is also Oracle, the tough-as-nails hacker/computer junkie, who is Batman's eyes and ears. Oracle unfortunately is a girl, Batgirl actually.

I called the police and they came out but the guy did not do anything illegal.

I have one other wheelchair superhero, he's not a comic-book hero, but was in a short-lived Fox TV series: M.A.N.T.I.S. in which Carl Lumbly played a paralyzed doctor who donned an exo-skelton called the Mechanically Augmented Neuro-transmitter Interactive System that allowed him to kick bad-guy ass.

A plus, Carl Lumby has done voices on superhero cartoons, and was in Taxi and tons more. He rocks.

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Love Mantis.

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