Sunday, May 10, 2009

Want to go to a Springsteen concert, Natalie Portman?

I do wish Natalie Portman would hurry up and fall for me; I am getting too much practice being an also-ran.

I have written that Claren is good practice for my future life with Ms.Portman because Claren is obviously the star and I am easily overlooked.

This morning at brunch, for instance. All the little kids walking by Claren looked; one even blew her a kiss.

The Claren worship took an unexpected turn when an older lady asked if she was Marley. I am pretty sure she meant Marley, the dog from the movie Marley and Me, not say Jacob Marley from a Christmas Carol or Bob Marley.

My dog is being mistaken for a movie star.

I see this as only another plus when I am pitching woo at Ms. Portman. She won't have to hide from the paparazzi. Claren will have the attention and she will lap it up.

Ms. Portman may have to wear her disguise on our first date: I propose to take her to the Bruce Springsteen concert next week her in DC, and I would leave Claren at home.

I wasn't planning on going -- I went in Boston and I don't know that that concert can be topped. But my wonderful brother and his super-freaking-cool wife gave me their tickets because she can't go. I may have to explain things to the head of disability seating who my brother sweet-talked to get the tickets. That will be Ms. Portman's job.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Namath,

My brother Bobby is very, very, very, very ,very , very sick.

B said...

I think she must have meant the dog from the film, unless Claren has started wearing dreadlocks.

Matt Trott said...

Well, since none of my sisters would step up to the plate and ask her, I had to.

Claren doesn't have dreads, but she is jamming.

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