Thursday, April 23, 2009

"It was goddamn good"

Whoo! The only song I really should have recognized but didn't last night at the Springsteen concert (April 22 / Boston, MA / TD Banknorth Garden) was "Glory Days." The others were new, rare or by the Ramones. I feel so much better.

My ears just don't work well in good settings. In really LOUD ones, they are pathetic. I wear earplugs to blot out some of the noise, but it only sort of works. And I have yet to have both earplugs work. Last night, I kept having to fiddle with the right one. When we left, I noticed it had fallen out.

Even then, I am not sure people who can hear correctly would have had a better time. It is so electrifying. I get goosebumps when I recognize a song. And I just feel like I am part of something wonderful. Having a setlist to follow would be nice but not necessary.

He played "Candy's Room!" I got a little teary-eyed during "The Rising," and something wet ran down my cheek during "The Land of Hope and Dreams" (This Train carries lost souls!").

Seeing him Boston was neat, too. Everyone at the show was so helpful, and I did not even have Claren so it must have been my cuteness! Or they just do their job well. And I took my oldest sister so now I have taken all my siblings but one, and we were at the same show a few years ago, just not together.

And to make up for "Glory Days" my faux pas, I heard the words to a Stephen Foster (I guess really it is "Stephen 'Stinking' Foster") song he has been singing: "Hard Times Come Again No More."

The title comes from Bernstein's "The Mass," not that I am comparing the concert to church. It was much cooler.


Patrick said...

Just saw the Ramones video. Awesome!

Matt Trott said...

When I gave up trying to figure out the songs and just soaked in the energy, it was really crazy good. And I meant the others I didn't know were "new." The old ones I got.

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