Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Smokin' hot ankles, here i come

Apparently my ankles need botox.

I was accused of going Hollywood by a friend at work. But let me assure you that I will remain the same bitter person as always. I'll just have smokin' hot ankles.

I was at the orthotics place again -- I am getting a little depressed by my braces. At the beginning, the guy there was like, We'll make them so they help. They'll be good.

Today he said, There is only so much we can do with the braces. It is not the braces that are the problem. It is your feet.

The problem is apparently that my foot tries to touch the floor.

I know it is a little more than that but my foot is rarely at a 90 degree angle. Even at rest it sits at 30 or 40 degrees. This causes a problem in my chair because my feet slide off the foot plate. The braces fix that. They force my foot into a 90 degree angle. If all I had to do was sit, it would be awesome. I like how they feel when I am sitting. It feels right.

When I stand, either to transfer or at the toilet or wherever, the front of my foot tries to touch the ground. But I am in the braces so I start popping out of the braces, which leads to horrible rubbing pain that has caused me to sit on an open toilet when I was using it.

Today the orthotics guy again said I need to break down the tone in my ankle so it rests at 90 degrees. Unlike past times, though, he said I need medical help to break the tone, or loosen the muscles. Hence the botox.

There are also booties for when I sleep, which sound fantastic in August in a house without air conditioning.

He also said the best might be a physical therapist coming by a few times a week to help me relax the muscles. That guffawing you here is the sound of my insurer.

The doctor who recommended the braces has retired, so I don't know what will happen.


Anonymous said...

My sister got botox in her ankles for MS. She was pretty happy with the results. And she said her cankles have cleared up.

Matt Trott said...

No cankles! I could sell my legs then as barely used and still in awesome shape, almost MIB.

Anonymous said...

I have cankles but I decided that I was not going to let them stop me from wearing short pants in the summer and recently wear flip-flops to show off my painted toenails. I was feeling pretty good about it, although I could probably buy a really nice dinner if I had one dollar for everyone who told me how swollen my ankles are (my response, "I know" and not in a very nice tone). Anyway, when I was in ICU someone must have crashed me into a wall an injured my big toe on my left so it has been black and blue. Today I had to go to the foot doctor and he removed the toenail. Goodbye flip-flops and sexy look. Hello crocks!

Matt Trott said...

Yeah, crocs are not too sexy

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