Monday, August 17, 2009


My nephew says "WHAT THE ..." frequently.

Now one could assume that he is just showing good sense and proper breeding by not adding heck, hell or the f-noise. My family in general and my nephew's mom specifically do not go for this, unfortunately, because he is just 4 and doesn't know the words that end the phrase.

Instead, they blame me, alleging that he is just copying a favorite phrase of his 38-year-old uncle.

I am so cool with that. I almost die laughing when I hear "WHAT THE" from this cherubic face. Part of it is also that he doesn't really make is a question. It is just a loud exclamation. It kills me.

It's not like I even think I use it that much around him. I use it mostly when talking to my computer, but I don't get to use my computer around him much. If I am on a computer when he comes over, he's all "Let's go to" That, I regret teaching him.

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