Tuesday, October 19, 2010

He ain't robotic, he's my brother

About 11:30 a.m. today, my brother with FA officially became a cyborg, and this bothers me for two reasons.

He got a cochlear implant to see if that will improve hearing that Friedreich's ataxia has taken from him.

I use the word "if" because no one really knows if it will work. He is, as far as anyone knows, the first person with FA to receive a cochlear implant. This makes him a brave, heroic pioneer. If it succeeds, and doctors are cautiously optimistic, then I can get one. But then I am just a wussy follower.

He will deservedly get all the praise for his risk-taking. This is great in the real world, but in the Matt-centric universe I like to live in, the very firmament trembles. I need to do something even more risky -- maybe with nanites.

I am also disturbed because it has long been my goal to become a cyborg. Granted, I prefer this kind of cyborg ... but, you know, baby steps.

I did, however, get these awesome new ears from a friend at work. They don't help me hear better, but they look awesome as you can see.


Anonymous said...

that's awesome! prayers that it's successful for your friend!

and omg, that photo is awesome. but what new ears? i didn't notice anything different. ;)

Anonymous said...

I am laughing out loud!

Matt Trott said...

Why does everyone say they can't see a difference? You all are so mean! HEE

That picture cracks me up too.

Anonymous said...

ok this picture is soo great on soo many levels and it goes great with the whole implant thing too. It's kismet, or something

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