Thursday, October 14, 2010

I may be going to hell

At the very least I think I am getting too big for my britches.

I saw a story on USA TODAY this evening about a group of blind hikers at the Grand Canyon. It even has a fancy-shmancy video.

My reaction? Not joy at others enjoying life no matter what. Not hope for humanity if people can accomplish so much. Not even a little bit inspired really.

No, my reaction: Where is my story? I rock climb, have ridden horses competitively, have a really cute and helpful dog. What's a guy gotta do?


Anonymous said...

Well, all your sisters will be joining you, so party on.

Anonymous said...

I told you to submit your rock climbing to New Mobility and maybe your friends know about some rock climbing magazine that would love to cover your story.

Matt Trott said...

There is that, JTG. And, sdt, I want someone to write about me. You know, like the woman did in that book about you. I nominate you as person I know most likely to have to hire a press secretary.

Anonymous said...

that is a tall task, but I might be up for it. I don't know if I can write it in the first person, so we will see what I come up with. Give me a little time.

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