Saturday, October 2, 2010

Someone call 911 ...

The water had not quite boiled when Mom and Dad got home from her 50th college reunion.

This was good and bad. Good because they could safely pour my tea for me. Bad because their return kept me from dealing with the fact that I really should not pout boiling water out of a kettle/.

I know my sister would have come over if I had called. I was also considering texting "911" when the water boiled, but I doubted she would find tea a true emergency. Maybe if had told her I needed her help to get the homemade congo cookies?

I love that there are people who will help me do anything. I hate asking them, though.

I want to do so many things -- and I probably could do most of them -- but I need help, and it is not as simple as just asking. Schedules have to be synced up, etc.

When I spend a day mostly alone, I often think of things I could do ... if I could drive, if I could get on my trike by myself, if if if ...


Anonymous said...

If you ever try to pour a kettle you and I will have to have a serious come to Jesus meetin'. When I said call me if you need anything I meant in you a hole.


Anonymous said...

and another thing...


Patrick said...

You should know when I saw your post title, this was the very first thing that came to mind.

Anonymous said...

I have a "hot shot" that is very easy. You pour water in the top and when it boils the light goes on and you push a button and the water comes out into your cup. It is yours if you want it.

Matt Trott said...

Now, I totally am going to pour the kettle.

Patrick, I was going for that, but didn't think Matty tea water is burning on the stovetop sounded good.

Thanks sdt.

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