Monday, June 13, 2011

Yes, that is a heart monitor in my pocket, but I am still glad to see you

I spent the afternoon at several doctors' offices, getting more questions than answers with my beautiful service dog and less beautiful but awesome service sister. I call my sister less beautiful because of the whole brother-sister thing and because no doctor walked in and said, "She is a beautiful girl" as one did with Claren. But my sister takes better notes and asks better questions than Claren.

I felt dizzy today, real dizzy.

My doctor saw me during lunch and listened to me for 45 minutes. She is running tests on my bodily fluids to see if there is some imbalance causing my dizziness. She looked at my supplements and was OK with them. She laughed off the brain tumor idea. She said my symptoms suggest heart not brain. She lowered my antidepressant, which might makes for a bad tomorrow, because it can lower blood pressure. She also doubted it was an imbalance of something, but thought it was something not bad.

She also got me in to see a cardiologist that day. I told my sister that I love my doctor. The cardiologist gave me a 24-hour heart monitor to check for arrhythmia. He scheduled an echocardiogram for next week to check for cardiomyopathy, which is not unusual in Freidriech's ataxia but would really really piss me off because everyone has said I am unlikely to have the FA heart problems.

The echo will also check for a buildup of fluid around the heart, which is not as bad as it sounds and is easily curable.

If all that is negative, there is a medicine to boost my blood volume we might try.

I do feel better after a long and tiring day, so maybe it is all in my mind. Maybe I'll ask my beautiful dog or my awesome sister.


Anonymous said...

He probably did want to tell me I was beautiful, but he was married and saw that I was as well so he did not want things to get awkward ;)

I heart you. We'll figure it out and keep asking questions until we do.


Anonymous said...

the real question is did your beautiful and tough guy sister get you any free stuff this time? maybe even some drug samples?
i heart you all and look forward to mind-easing results

Matt Trott said...

I did not get any freebies but I don't think it was her fault. OT is where the gifts are. She did suggest getting me on medical marijuana.

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