Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Healthy or at least alive

My doctor pronounced me "amazingly healthy" today, even after she bent me over the exam table, put a finger where no finger should go and told me my prostate is bigger than normal.

She has been treating me for 12 years and seen a lot of my weird injuries, so I think mostly she is just impressed I am not dead.

I mean I have a really crappy disability, which was why she had to help me bend over the table. I stayed in my chair for most of the exam and just stood up and held onto the table for the yucky part.

Her explanation of the prostate is that I sit all the time, so I guess it has got squashed into a bigger shape. She wasn't worried, even though I have a family history of prostate cancer.

She pooh-poohed my other worries about various problems, too, and told me how good things appear.

At least until she gets the lab work back.

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Anonymous said...

revel in good health, despite FA. It is a good report.

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