Friday, June 8, 2012

I need elevators

The week started off with the elevator to the subway stop at work out of order.

At least for two days, it was inaccessible  to folks in chairs.

I am lucky. I can get rides. But others have to ride to another station or take a shuttle bus, which takes ridiculously long, unless the process has much improved.

It's kind of mind-boggling to think of a subway station closed to an entire segment of the population, and it made my other elevator encounters this week quite distasteful.

Yesterday, I got on a train car that let me off just before the elevator. I saw a handful of folks with no apparent disability board the elevator, just to get them up a little quicker.

I managed to get on but then a bunch of other people got on the elevator. I just wanted to scream: Is your time really so important?

Today at the elevator, two women and I were waiting. They got on first without even a glance at me.

I wonder if they could close the subway to selfish people?

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Anonymous said...

totally a dream of mine. Anybody who walks cannot use the elevator!

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