Sunday, June 17, 2012

In the water outside

I went swimming in an outdoor pool for the first time ever yesterday. It was awesome.

The last time I was in an outdoor pool was about seven years ago on a family vacation, and I have been swimming for just three years.

We are on a break from classes, but my teacher offered to meet me at her pool and help me. How could I say no?

Mom and I thought it might be a fast lesson because it wasn't super-warm out, but after the initial jolt getting into the pool -- made worst because I got in via a lift, which is real cool but dips you in SLOWLY -- it was so comfortable under the sun.

I did  a lot of work, too. I learned the backstroke where you swing your arms backward -- like you see in the Olympis. Just like that, really.

The pool was longer than I am used to, and wow, did I feel it. But I made it.

The only problem was the sun made it hard to stare into the sky when I was on my back, even with tinted goggled borrowed from my teacher. I wanted to close my eyes but then I lost all sense of where I was going.

Oh well, still awesome.

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Anonymous said...

awesome, woo hoo

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