Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Something else to worry about

Apparently, I no longer need to worry about urological disorders. 

This does not, of course, mean I will stop worrying. Something bad would happen if I did, I am sure.

It just means that my urologist gave my a clean bill of health. This was after she told me that she described FA to the nurse as something you don't want to have. Amen to that!

She said:
  • The kidney stone is tiny and no big deal. 
  • My bladder is a real hoss. It holds a ton and empties well.
  • My prostate is not that much bigger than usual.
So yay!

But I heard from my primary care doctor. My cholesterol is not too groovy. My bad cholesterol is not that bad, but my good is pretty poor.

It would be nice to get back to just worrying about the monstrously devastating disease I have.

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Anonymous said...

dude, not sure I want to know about your prostate.

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