Saturday, January 19, 2013

All alone for a few minutes anyway

Five hours into my weekend alone, I'd broken one of the rules.

When we learned that Mom and Dad were going on retreat this weekend, my sister and her family had a hockey tournament in Pennsylvania (go Snow Leopards!), and I was marching in the Inaugural Parade, there were some consternation. Not from me, of course, I am fine being home alone, but others were less sanguine.

But then we learned that Mom and Dad weren't leaving till Saturday morning, my sister's family was returning Sunday morning, so everyone would be home when I went to the parade.

It was about 26 hours, but a friend offered to bring dinner, so it was not even that.

There were still some ground rules: I wasn't going to shower, I kept my seat belt on when shutting the door, I wouldn't laugh without my seat belt and I would not go in the grass in my power chair.

I went out to go for a walk, and as I wrestled with the door, Claren loped about our yard. I called her and said let's go for a walk, and she took off at full speed for Mom and Dad's. So I had to go in the grass.  I didn't get stuck.

I survived. I am awesome.

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woo hoo

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