Monday, July 27, 2009

Where is Elektra when I need her?

I went to the eye doctor today, who was horrified that I had let five years go between my last appointment. I never understood why people without glasses an never go to the eye doctor, but once you get glasses you are supposed to go annually.

It was a totally worthless appointment. I can't say it was the biggest waste of an hour ever because I do watch the movie Elektra whenever I come across it. But this was a close second, and no Jennifer Garner in tight-fitting superhero garb to give it the appearance of value.

It turns out my prescription had not changed at all, and my eyes look fine. It would have shocked me to hear different, even though my eyes are actually pretty crappy when you get down and look -- and by that I mean when you have a top neuro-ophthalmologist examine them.

Yes, I am a doctor snob.

The worst part is the store next to the optometrist had no glasses that are better-lasting than my current frames, which seem to require an adjustment a week.

Actually, that wasn't the worst part. Even worse was that the guy there adjusted my glasses in a way they should have been adjusted years ago when I first got them. They felt like they fit for the first time.

So I didn't get new lens to help me see better or new frames to keep my glasses from falling down or sunglasses to keep me from squinting a lot.

Trying to maneuver around the optometrist, I did get my latest lesson in how inconvenient wheelchairs are, especially if you have a second disability.

Again, I am left with the conclusion that society is almost prepared if you have one disability -- bad eyes, mobility issues, poor hearing. Add them together, though, and society is brought to a standstill. You have to transfer out of your chair to see the eye doctor, you have to squeeze your chair into tight quarters to have your eyes tested.

Elektra wouldn't take that shit.


Anonymous said...

go see doctor fissel

Matt Trott said...

Real optometrists aren't on my vision plan. What are you thinking?

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